The city of Caleta de Fuste is one of the most important touristic places in Fuerteventura and, as you may imagine, beaches are the best offer it has for its visitors. Even though tourists can do many other things in this city, spending the whole day taking sunbaths and swimming is the most popular activity.

Caleta de Fuste is not a big city so it will not be a surprise that it only has two beaches, although both of them worth a visit. The goodness of these two beaches fulfils all the needs a tourist may have during his holidays but if someone is looking for more beaches to know Fuerteventura Island has a greater offer.

The main beach of Caleta de Fuste

Castillo Beach is the main beach in Caleta de Fuste. It is the biggest beach in the city and it is located in a bay which protects it. In Castillo Beach you can find the marina, where you can practise nautical sports in a safe way, as it is a protected beach. This beach counts on any services you can imagine and is surrounded by the hotels of the Spanish chain Barceló.

beach in Caleta de Fuste

Small artificial beaches in Caleta de Fuste

South of Castillo Beach there are four artificial beaches that the locals know as Elba beaches because Elba hotels are close to them, even though Sheraton hotels are also in this area. These beaches are protected by reefs, that is why they are so secure.

The main attraction in this beach is its original beach bar, or chiringuito as they say in Spanish. This bar is located in a small island so it is necessary to use a footbridge in order to reach it; once you arrive you can take a drink as if you were in the middle of the ocean. Aren’t you dying for it?

These are the beaches of Caleta de Fuste, but you can find many more in Fuerteventura. If you decide to make a trip, do not miss the following beaches.


This beach is a dream came true. Cofete is a virgin paradise which only objection is that it is quite difficult to get to it. The mountains surround this beach with few tourists as it is far from the traditional touristic places. In this beach you can forget about everything looking at the ocean.

Corralejo beaches

Corralejo is one of the most visited cities in Fuerteventura and it has big beaches. Fine sand and transparent water are waiting for you in this place. Corralejo beaches are good for families and also for those looking for a place to practise water sports.


Sotavento is located in the South of the island and it is 10 kilometers long. In this beach a lake is formed between the ocean and the sand bar, the perfect place for beginners to practise water sports before trying in the ocean.

beaches in Fuerteventura

La Concha

La Concha beach is located in Lobos islet and it is a quiet place. The ocean is calm in this beach and there are no waves, a good place to rest and relax. To get to this beach it is necessary to take one of the boat trips from Fuerteventura.

Gran Tarajal

Gran Tarajal is known for its dark sand, it is very similar to the volcanic beaches of Tenerife. This beach is located in the city of Tarajal and it offers all the services you can imagine.

Have you ever been to Caleta de Fuste? Which beaches do you like the most?