We use to think about cold Christmas. We relate Christmas with coats, scarves and gloves and we feel good joining the family around the Christmas tree in a warm atmosphere. But things change on New Year’s Eve. It is also cold, and we are also used to it but we would prefer warmer temperatures so we can party in the street without worrying about how to look elegant and sexy with layers of clothes.

If you are dreaming of a sunny Christmas the Canary Islands are your ideal destination for the end of the year. Hot temperatures and sunny long days are waiting for you in the southest place of Europe. Once there you will spend most of your time in the beach, what about visiting one of the best beaches of the archipielago? Here you have the 10 best beaches in the Canary Islands.

Corralejo Beach, Fuerteventura

Corralejo is an amazing beach located in the North of Fuerteventura island. It is a very quiet and calm beach so you can let the children enjoy on their own while you contemplate its wonderful dunes as if you were in the desert.

This beach is very close to the village so you won’t need to travel a lot or take any means of transport in order to get to it. You only need to walk down the main street and you will suddenly be in front of the ocean.

Corralejo Beach

El Bollullo Beach, Tenerife

El Bollullo is a special beach. Due to the volcanic origins of Tenerife its sand is darker and thicker than the expected. In this beach you will face the ocean on one side and a stunnig volcanic landscape on the other. Forget about white-sanded beaches and enjoy the peculiarity of El Bollullo beach. 

El Bollullo is located in the North of Tenerife island, very close to Puerto de la Cruz. The perfect place to watch the sunset.

El Bollullo beach

Maspalomas Beach, Gran Canaria

When you are in Maspalomas you may think that you actually are in the Sahara desert as its golden sand forms spectacular dunes before giving way to a quiet soft-sanded beach. This is a big beach where people lay down and take sunbaths during the whole day.

This is a very special beach as it is allowed to go naked if you want. Do you dare?

Maspalomas beach

Las Conchas Beach, La Graciosa

In front of the North coast of Lanzarote you will find a small and tropical island called La Graciosa. For those looking for peace and a place to forget about everything Las Conchas is the perfect beach for them. Its main characteristics are its gold sand and its turquoise water.

Las Conchas will be one of your most beloved beaches all over the world.

Las Conchas beach

Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura

The main beach in Caleta de Fuste is Castillo beach, located in a protected natural bay which perfectly combines wild nature and many services. Some of the main attractions in this beach are the promenade and the marina.

To the South of this beach you will find some small artificial beaches which are really close to the main hotels in the resort, so they are perfect to relax.

beach in Caleta de Fuste

Verodal Beach, El Hierro

In Verodal you will enjoy wild nature and strong waves, the perfect beach for thrill seekers. This wonderful beach is located in La Frontera village and is usually a quiet beach with no many people and also few services.

This beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in the Cannary Islands, with its reddish sand, and visiting it is one of the musts in any trip to El Hierro island.

Verodal beach

Los Cancajos Beach, La Palma

Black is the centre of attention in Los Cancajos beach. As it is quite usual in the Canary Islands its sand is black but also its coastline is black, formed by dark rocks.

As La Palma is not crowed with tourists it is easy to relax in a semi-desert beach while enjoying the landscape and the good weather.

Los Cancajos beach

La Caleta Beach, La Gomera

La Caleta beach is located in the North of La Gomera island, close to Herigua village, and it is characterized by its choppy water and its black sand. The waves in movement contrast with the quietness of the beach where you can enjoy good views of Teide volcano.

La Caleta is surrounded by an arid landscape, take advantage of this situation and discover the different characteristics of the volcanic rocks and cliffs.

La Caleta beach

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote

Papagayo is a small beach recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote. Located in the South of the island it is quite apart from crowded places, so it is possible to enjoy it despite its fame.

Papagayo beach is part of Los Ajaches Natural Reserve, a good place for snorkelers and nudists.

Papagayo beach

Sotavento Beach, Fuerteventura

Located in Jandia peninsula, Sotavento is perfect for sport lovers as it is perfect to practise many of the most common aquatic sports. Its golden sand and its transparent water are its main characteristics.

This is one of the most famous beaches in Fuerteventura not for nothing it is the beach which appears in almost all the touristic leaflets.

Sotavento beach


And what is your opinion? Which is your favourite beach in the Canary Islands?