MicroBesides being fun, taking the microphone and singing with all our energy and passion, is very beneficial for health. Karaoke, of Japanese origin, has become a social phenomenon of its own kind in Asian countries and is one of the healthiest entertainments that there may exist. Whether singing Bonnie Tyler or Los del Río, numerous studies say that singing is the best therapy for being happy.

The possibilities karaoke offers are as endless as their playlists with the hits of today and the most popular songs of all times. It is enough to choose your favorite song and to unleash the singer we all carry within. Because better or worse, more or less intonation, all people have the ability to sing, because it’s part of human nature.

In the end, the benefits of enjoying a night of karaoke provides us with – either in groups or individually – can be summarized in seven points as detailed below:

1. It relieves stress and anxiety, providing us with a pleasant feeling of well-being. This is because when we sing, we breathe more deeply and at the time lower blood pressure and cardiovascular rhythm. For this reason, it is recommended for people who need a break or a little more of relax in their daily life.

2. It helps to show emotions and feelings; it is a very effective and direct way of communicating with our audience. When choosing a song, we make the message ours and we express it according to our personality and style.

3. It’s a magnificent leisure option for kids. Karaoke awakens their taste for music and trains their musical ear. Having to follow the lyrics to the song on the screen increases their capacity to observe, concentrate and improves their attention. Besides, the staging allows them to develop their creativity, intelligence and imagination when it comes to expressing themselves.

4. It can help you to discover your hidden talent. You don’t have to be a rock star, neither a gentleman nor a successful singer of the past decades, but when you put yourself in the shoes of your favorite artist for a couple of minutes, it is possible that you will discover abilities you didn’t know until then. It is possible that you go home with the satisfaction of having heard yourself sing better than ever, or – who knows – maybe in the future you will be the singer others imitate in karaoke… in either case it is worth a try and let yourself be surprised.

5. It allows you to lose your shame and shyness and in return, gain increased security before the eyes of others, increasing your self-esteem, self-confidence and your sense of humor. If you take a scale you can verify, that you gain much more than you lose.

6. It’s a perfect excuse to move your body. If you motivate yourself not only to sing but also to dance to the sound of the music, the benefits for your health will be twofold thanks to the “exercise” you have realized during the karaoke session. Free yourself, let your feet take control and make the stage yours!

7. It is a perfect way of socializing. At karaoke bar everybody is welcome, families with children, groups of friends, couples… even you can motivate yourself to go out on the stage on your own and you will feel embraced by an atmosphere of music and fun to spend an unforgettable night.

Take note of these seven benefits of karaoke and get ready to enjoy the best late night Caleta de Fuste – of course in Piero’s Music Café. Every night at 23.00 o’clock, when our shows end, there will be more than 15,000 songs waiting for you to enjoy and entertain with a microphone in your hand. Set rhythm to you your stay on the island!